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Respiratory Services

On the Cutting Edge of the Medical Home Delivery Industry

Respiratory care at home can contribute to improved quality of life and significant cost savings. MSA Respiratory therapists can help you with your treatment, answer questions you may have, provide instructions, and offer suggestions. We offer a full line of Respiratory Equipment and Supplies to meet your every respiratory need.

Here at Medical Services of America, the Distribution Center is dedicated to offering to our customers a fully-staffed Live Call Center that will monitor and provide you with a monthly courtesy call to remind you when you are eligible to receive additional CPAP Supplies, Respiratory Medication, and Nebulizer Supplies that can be delivered right to your door.

It is important for you to exercise your rights as a patient. Ask questions of your physician, your respiratory care practitioner and your discharge planner. If training is necessary, make sure that you and a family caregiver participate.

We are available to discuss all the options that are available to you regarding your care plan – renting versus buying equipment, and insurance coverage. Provide all the information that is requested about your family and home situation to help your health care provider plan for your care after you are discharged from the hospital.

Safety for you, your caregivers, and visitors is very important. If you have been prescribed oxygen therapy, you shouldn't smoke while using oxygen, and no one near you should smoke either. Put up no-smoking signs in your home where you will be using oxygen.
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